Frequently Asked Question


Where else can we purchase this?

  • Currently, we are available at small retail stores in Seattle area. We are looking for more opportunities to be!
  • We are in Annie's art and Frame's in Ballard, and recently just got into Made in WA stores.
  • We sell online direct to customer and at occasional pop ups in the area. We are doing the Fairwood farmer's markets this summer!

What is the background of this product?

  • So glad you asked! This is a very popular snack originating from India. It is called Jowar Dhani. This is a fun street food snack that is flavored with indian spices delivering a spicy flavorful kick. It's made from the ancient Indian grain, sorghum, and has so much nutritious value. I've grown up eating this my entire life and its a comfort snack for me. After researching what snacks would be suitable for my dad who's diabetic, I found that I didn't have to look very far and realized the snack we've been consuming for ages is perfect for him.

Can we pop this ourselves?

  • You are always welcome to purchase the sorghum seeds yourself and pop them in an air popper or on a stove. For this, we recommend the Bob's Red Mill brand of sorghum.
  • However, to be completely transparent, it is much more difficult to pop sorghum than it is to pop corn. At Happy Pop, we've perfected our popping process to ensure we're providing you with the perfectly popped sorghum :)