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It’s a challenge to find snacks free from vegetable or seed oils, so we use no veggie oils. Our sorghum is purely air popped so it has a low oil content is very light and airy. Being completely corn-free, we cater to using ingredients packed with nutrition. Using only clean and healthy ingredients, each pop is a blend of well-being and deliciousness.

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Why Popped Sorghum

Popped sorghum is a great alternative to popcorn that's tinier (cuter) and has more nutritious value. It has less calories, more calcium, a low glycemic index and is a low lectin grain. This is great for folks who hate having kernels stuck in your teeth after eating popcorn since sorghum has no hulls! It's super easy to digest which makes your tummy happy and is also a perfect snack for diabetics. Sorghum is an ancient grain from India and popped sorghum is a snack that has been enjoyed by Indians for centuries.

Who we are


This is a company started by UW students inspired by the goodness of traditional Indian snacks. I grew up eating this delicious snack made by my mom and would share it with my friends. When I realized others loved it as much as I did, I started Happy Pop to share the deliciousness of Indian snacks with the world! Popped sorghum is our first product and we're excited to explore the limitless possibilities of bridging the gap between delicious yet healthy snacks you can indulge in.